Serviced apartments have been around on the scene for a while but not a lot of people know about them. Without knowing the benefits of such apartments, they break their banks to arrange for their stay at hotels and face many issues. 

The serviced apartments industry is growing, which is mainly due to the growing awareness about it. That said, as understanding develops, people are beginning to appreciate what they stand to gain by going for apartments over hotels. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons why people are ditching hotels in favor of apartments.

Low-cost option

Travelling can be very expensive if you don’t do it smartly. Hotels can add a lot to the costs as they have to spend a lot themselves on staffing, maintenance, restaurant and housekeeping. With these apartments, you get all the amenities, which a traveler would typically need, by simply paying a one-time fee.

Having your space

Many travelers are usually concerned with space when travelling, especially when staying somewhere for a longer duration. These apartments provide spacious surroundings for a longer time period without making you feel like you are spending your life savings on it. 

You’ll get separate areas and rooms, giving you more room for all of your requirements. 

Good for business

By going for serviced apartments ballarat rather instead of a hotel, you get proper work areas, rather than having to open up the laptop in the bed. For longer business trips, the importance of proper work areas multiplies. With the spacious settings and dedicated area, you get the feeling of being at home away from your home. Sharing an apartment with multiple travelers allows you to save on facilities like laundry and food, which can help you save money if you need to extend your trip for any reason.

Better for entertaining guests

For obvious reasons, people looking to entertain guests prefer serviced apartments over hotels. Many times you have to take your important business meetings in the noisy business lobby, which could end up causing problems rather than helping your business. Apartments provide with a great deal of space and privacy for you to entertain business and personal guests. Unlike hotels, you are not forced to rely on the people you are visiting, you get to host for them. 


Unlike hotels, the apartments allow you a great deal of flexibility. You are not limited to the timings of the house cleaning or the kitchen for your meals. You can eat whenever you want to and have the place cleaned out as per your convenience. You get total control over the schedule and the way you want to live, all while enjoying the privacy of a home.