A new direction and approach to real estate services

4eastelm Services provides a full complement of real estate brokerage and consulting services. Our collaborative culture, industry knowledge, extensive experience, and dedicated customer service will deliver successful real estate solutions.

Our Vision for Success

The modern real estate market requires an aggressive marking strategy, utilizing innovative concepts including current social media trends. Arrow delivers what the market requires

Management Services

4eastelm, LLC provides a broad spectrum of real estate related services for all asset classes, including:

• Property Management
• Maintenance
• Accounting Services
• Investment Consulting
• Construction Services
• Lawn and Landscape Services

Available For Lease

Ideally located in Olathe, KS with easy access to 169 Hwy and I-35, our Flex-Use Warehouse spaces offer your business operational warehouse area with a mix of dock-height and drive-in bays as well as the functional office space you need to run your administrative operations.

Prism Cares

PRISM Cares is Prism Real Estate Services’ community outreach program. PRISM Cares is a way for employees and its affiliates to give back to the community. The vision of the program is to help those less fortunate or affected by hard times while team building and bringing our employees together in a sense of community and leadership.

Quality, Value and Results

We are able to focus 100% of our efforts on meeting or exceeding your needs. Due to this structure our Brokers and Salespeople can spend far more time on far fewer client accounts than any other real estate service company.

Retailer Representation

4eastel Services can provide a strategic advisory and expert site selection service. We have the experience; complete local knowledge as well as “best in the market” nationwide connections with local market experts. We are set up to serve either as your complete real estate and site selection department or work with your existing department in a support and advisory role.


Project Leasing

4eastelm Services partners have leased millions of square feet in the region. We approach your project with the long-term view that comes from long leasing relationships with many of the most successful owners and developers in the region.

Property Management

At 4eastelm Services we understand that good property management must consider both current cash flow and long term viability. That is why we believe in “hands on” property management, being on the property constantly allows us to be proactive with both the tenants and maintenance issues.

Site Selection

At 4eastelm Services we know that proper site selection is key to the success for any retailer whether you’re opening your 50th location in the market or your first. Your successful location is a priority for us, that’s just not a marketing statement,

Our History

4eastelm LLC (PRES) was founded in 2012 under the name Principal Real Estate Services to provide first class management, maintenance, and accounting services for our growing multifamily investment portfolio. Since then, our management services have grown to include office, residential, retail and industrial properties for our own portfolio, as well as third party clients

We know the ins and outs of real estate.

4eastelm brings 40 years of property management experience to the table in all aspects of community association management, including industry-leading expertise in numerous related real estate services. Whether you’re a real estate professional,

Appraisal Management

The Appraisal Management team together brings more than 40 years of appraisal and financial institution experience, in combination with CBRE’s full-service platform of resources.

Real Estate Accounting Services

GWS Real Estate Accounting Services is centralized in the CBRE Memphis Center of Excellence, which encompasses more than 200 accounting professionals who support more than 100 clients that represent 800+ million square feet.

Loan Services

Loan Services offers primary servicing to its lender and investor clients, leveraging the entire breadth of CBRE’s vast real estate services platform to provide them with significant value.

Corporate Capital Markets

Investors and occupiers of commercial real estate have similar capital markets needs. However, as real estate is not the core business of most corporate occupiers,

were quick to understand my needs and steer me in the right direction. Their professionalism and warmth made the process of finding a suitable home a lot less stressful than it could have been. Thanks, Diane & Jen! You made it seem easy.

James Davis

Thank you both for selling our home. We are very pleased with the end result, and know that it was your professionalism and expertise that made all the difference in bringing the right purchasers and then closing this deal. Thank you also for your kind interest in our well being, and for soothing our ruffled feathers and jagged edges! It has been a great pleasure working with you, and you can be sure we will recommend you to friends and family.

Stephanie Rawson

Working with the whole team is like getting a great spa massage! You put yourself in the hands of the professionals and they go about doing their job superbly. At the other side of the experience you’re left in a calm, relaxed state. No need to worry about any of the details as everything is taken care of for you. Expert guidance; great customer care; awesome marketing! Thanks ladies for the great team effort!

Tyler Shaw

4eastelm is a real estate services company based in Indianapolis,

We own approximately 1 million square feet of office space and operate more than 2.8 million square feet in the Indianapolis area alone and have decades of experience working on major development and construction projects across the nation.

Latest Articles

5 Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments Over a Hotel

5 Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartments Over a Hotel

Serviced apartments have been around on the scene for a while but not a lot of people know about them. Without knowing the benefits of such apartments, they break their banks to arrange for their stay at hotels and face many issues. 

The serviced apartments industry is growing, which is mainly due to the growing awareness about it. That said, as understanding develops, people are beginning to appreciate what they stand to gain by going for apartments over hotels. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons why people are ditching hotels in favor of apartments.

Low-cost option

Travelling can be very expensive if you don’t do it smartly. Hotels can add a lot to the costs as they have to spend a lot themselves on staffing, maintenance, restaurant and housekeeping. With these apartments, you get all the amenities, which a traveler would typically need, by simply paying a one-time fee.

Having your space

Many travelers are usually concerned with space when travelling, especially when staying somewhere for a longer duration. These apartments provide spacious surroundings for a longer time period without making you feel like you are spending your life savings on it. 

You’ll get separate areas and rooms, giving you more room for all of your requirements. 

Good for business

By going for serviced apartments ballarat rather instead of a hotel, you get proper work areas, rather than having to open up the laptop in the bed. For longer business trips, the importance of proper work areas multiplies. With the spacious settings and dedicated area, you get the feeling of being at home away from your home. Sharing an apartment with multiple travelers allows you to save on facilities like laundry and food, which can help you save money if you need to extend your trip for any reason.

Better for entertaining guests

For obvious reasons, people looking to entertain guests prefer serviced apartments over hotels. Many times you have to take your important business meetings in the noisy business lobby, which could end up causing problems rather than helping your business. Apartments provide with a great deal of space and privacy for you to entertain business and personal guests. Unlike hotels, you are not forced to rely on the people you are visiting, you get to host for them. 


Unlike hotels, the apartments allow you a great deal of flexibility. You are not limited to the timings of the house cleaning or the kitchen for your meals. You can eat whenever you want to and have the place cleaned out as per your convenience. You get total control over the schedule and the way you want to live, all while enjoying the privacy of a home.

5 Ways Hiring an Interior Designer for Your New House Pays Off

5 Ways Hiring an Interior Designer for Your New House Pays Off

Everyone has, once in their mortal lives, envisioned what their dream house or dream workplace would
build into. You can slowly see the transformation of your current, mundane place occurring in your
head, right? I hope it is not just me. The point is the assurance and comfort of your own place is
incomparable but to fashion it according to your personal taste reflects on your style of living.
Readers might get intimidated by the heavy cost attributed with the hiring of an interior designer but
hear me out. You might change your societal perspective and actually have a new and balanced vision
regarding your own small place.

Attention to Detail

It is literally the job of an interior designer to focus on the subtlety and intricacy of a balanced design.
They will look for things you would not even bat your eye upon. Exploring through the streets, looking
for pieces at brands and bargaining at vendors; the interior designers will do everything in their power
to provide you with the delicate, balanced interior design ballarat that you envisioned.

Save Money

There is a common misconception regarding interior designing that it only corresponds to large interiors
and eventually costs heavily. But, this is merely a misunderstanding. Like every other job, interior
designers do not blandly put up a price without any considerations. They plan out accordingly with your
mentioned budget and then challenge their minds to integrate a design that is balanced, up to their
standards, relative to your style and within the scope of creativity. Moreover, the designers usually have
associations with brands which is why you might get discounts on bulk quantities.

Professional Advice

Even with your preferences, you ought to make mistakes such as buying the wrong quality paint or
purchasing a fancy carpet that only looked great in the magazines or buying costly furniture that may be
disproportionate with your place. To avoid such mistakes, it is recommended that you seek for an
interior designer that can offer you advises in correspondence to your taste. They know the trends of
the current era, it is their job to be updated about what is in the market and what has been eradicated
from today’s fashion style.

Save Time

With the potential mistakes and mitigating errors, you are bound to lose precious time. You can refrain
from substituting your daily schedule to hiring an interior designer who can define better characteristics
for your personal style without acknowledging to silly errors.

Your Personal Design

Personal Design

The upside of hiring an interior designer is you get your personal taste engulfed within your living place.
You will feel most at home because the interior designer will only work their minds to portray your style
through their creative and effective techniques.

Real estate brokerage costs, what happens in the case of a dependent family member

Real estate brokerage costs, what happens in the case of a dependent family member

From the gross income tax it is possible to deduct an amount, equal to 19% , of the remunerations however denominated paid to real estate brokerage subjects, depending on the purchase of the real estate unit to be used as a main residence, for an amount not exceeding 1,000 euros for each annuity (article 15, paragraph 1, letter b-bis, Tuir). But what happens in the case of dependents? Let’s see what the tax law says.

The deduction of 19% relative to the fees, however denominated, paid to real estate brokers subject to the purchase of the main residence, for an amount not exceeding 1,000 euros for each year (Article 15, paragraph 1, letter b- bis, Tuir), it is not up to you whether the expenses are incurred in the interest of the tax-dependent family members (circular No. 7 / E of 27 April 2018).

Expenses for real estate brokerage, to whom the deduction is due
The concession is exclusively for the purchaser of the property and can not benefit the seller, even if he paid the commission to the real estate broker (circular No. 7 / E of 27 April 2018). Moreover, the deduction is not due if the expense is incurred in the interest of a tax-dependent family member .

If the property unit is purchased by more than one person , the deduction, within the limit of 1,000 euros, must be shared among the co-owners based on the percentage of ownership. The benefit, therefore, can be attributed to the owner of the property , as a percentage, if the bill is registered to at least one of the owners.

In the hypothesis of:

invoice to one owner, but property in co-ownership, in order to allow the pro-quota deduction also to the co-owner who is not indicated in the invoice, it will be necessary to integrate the document by annotating the data of the latter;

property registered to a single owner, but a joint invoice to the owner and to another person, in order to allow the entire amount to be deducted from the sole owner, it will be necessary to add the invoice, noting that the intermediary charge has been incurred entirely from the latter;

invoice exclusively for a person who is not the owner of the property, the costs for the brokerage can not be deducted even by the owner.

Real estate brokerage fees, documents to be retained for deduction
With the circular n. 20 of May 13, 2011 it was specified that:

the deduction is not due if the invoice issued by the real estate broker is held by a non-owner;

in the case in which the invoice is registered to a single owner, but the property is in co-ownership, it is necessary to integrate it with the personal data of the missing co-owner;

if the invoice is made out to the owner of the property and to another non-owner, it is necessary that the invoice is specified (or integrated) that the charge was borne only by the owner.

Istat, house prices fall by 0.8% in the third quarter of 2018

Istat, house prices fall by 0.8% in the third quarter of 2018

ISTAT also records the decline in house prices in the third quarter of 2018. The decrease is 0.8% both in annual and quarterly terms. Data confirming that, in a general picture of recovery in the residential real estate market, there is a persistent weakness on the value side.

The tendential decline in house prices can only be attributed to existing house prices, which recorded a negative change of -1.3% (it was -0.8% in the previous quarter). New house prices, on the other hand, accelerate on a trend basis, going from + 1.2% in the second quarter of 2018 to + 1.4% in the third quarter.

These trends are manifested in a context of persistent growth in sales volumes (+ 6.7% increase the trend registered for the third quarter of 2018 by the Real Estate Market Observatory of the Revenue Agency for the residential sector).

The average of the values ​​in 2018
Compared to the same period of 2017, in the first three quarters of 2018, house prices fell by 0.6%, with existing homes down by 1.0% and new ones up by 1.2%. Compared to the 2010 average, house prices fell 16.7% in the third quarter of 2018 due exclusively to existing homes, whose prices fell by 22.9%, while for new houses there was an increase of 0, 2%.

Commenting on the ISTAT data was the president of FIAIP Gian Battista Baccarini, according to whom “The increase in the volumes of the sales, does not take a picture of a real recovery in the real estate sector.The data certified today by ISTAT highlights the ‘state of crisis’ that lives in the real estate sector and the net retreat from 2010 to today of real estate values ​​in Italy (-22.9%) “.

“The real estate sector represents almost a fifth of the GDP, Gian Battista Baccarini continues , and it is obvious that if the sector does not grow, the Italian economy can not even grow. The fact that the last Budget law has allowed the municipalities to raise the tax on Imu and Tasi, will cause a further departure from the market of Italian and foreign investors ”

“The increase in the number of trades is the signal that the Talians now consider the” home “a shelter asset, but buy only with heavy discounts.I appeal to the Government to take care of our sector, which I remember contributes about 20 % GDP. Without a revival of the real estate market, the growth data of the entire economy will remain the current ones. “


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